About John Collinson

John Collinson is one of the world’s top big-mountain freeskiers and was a Junior Freeskiing Tour champion at the age of 17. Also at 17, Johnny was named the youngest person to climb the Seven Summits (including Everest). 

Johnny grew up skiing at Snowbird and Alta resorts, living at the base in employee housing with his family.  Homeschooled by his mom, Johnny accumulated more powder days in his childhood than skiers most do in a lifetime. Today, he’s one of the most progressive, versatile and recognizable faces of big mountain skiing today.

Off-Season Training

During ski season, you practice your skills and enjoy the runs.
However, when season ends, the focus becomes off-season training.
This is where the difference is made.

 This program was built to get your body in peak physical condition. Even if you participate in other hobbies or sports, this program will get you moving and performing better.

All the workouts can be modified to your experience level so whether you're a beginner to working out or more advanced, you will still be challenged.

Exercise examples

Lateral Jumps

Hip Opener

Lunge with Twist

Yoga Mat 45 Jumps

Laying Lateral Adductor Raise

Sumo Twists

What you’ll need

Your bodyweight

This program was built to be done anywhere. Train at home, at the gym, the park, you decide! All you need is your bodyweight and some household items to assist you.

A professional skier in your pocket

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    • Train at your own pace
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A workout program created by a pro skier


How long until I see results?
This program was designed to make you better in 8 weeks however a lot of users start noticing results after the first week.

Is the payment recurring or one time?
This is a ONE TIME PAYMENT, not a subscription where you get charged every month.

How long do I have access to the program?
Once you buy the program, there is no time limit for you to complete it. You have lifetime access.

Do I need access to a gym?
You do not need to go to a gym. This entire program was filmed in a home to show the feasibility of training anywhere you want.


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The #1 fitness program specifically built for skiers.

(8-week at-home program)

From the gym to the mountain




Building awareness of your body in space is called proprioception. The better your proprioception, the better your coordination. 

By improving control and awareness of your body you will have a deeper connection with your movements and have better FEEL when it comes to the mountain.

Let's be honest, the best day on the slopes is a long day. But you shouldn't be sore unless you're doing super intense runs.

We can fix that by strengthening your body and building endurance so you can ski back-to-back days, ALL day long.

Remember your first time on the mountain. Remember how hard it was to find your balance. That's because your body wasn't used to it.

If you train your body for balance and stability on the mountain, you will have more confidence in your body on each run. 

The top athletes in the world spend just as much time in the gym as they do practicing their sport. Skiing is no different.  All of your efforts in the gym will pay off on the mountain.

The #1 Fitness Program Specifically Built for Skiers


Weeks of skier fitness
Tutorials for every exercise
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8-Week Program

Normal Price: $80

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That’s only $8 per week!

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