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A message from the creator of this program...

Sarah Strauss


"This workout program is for someone who needs a challenge and wants to push themselves.

Be ready to get motivated, get sweaty, transform your body and feel and see progress every day.

The training is diverse, lots of variety, it is FUN and it is HARD. We know that having a plan of action is always one of the most important parts of STARTING a fitness journey, but HOW do you step it up?

You UP THE INTENSITY. We all know that strength training is crucial part of any workout routine, but mixing High intensity interval training (HIIT) with strength training is something I have been doing lately that has been CHANGING THE GAME for me in terms of results and time efficiency."

If you're going to train properly, you need to educate yourself as well. This program will not only provide you with the physical element, but it will teach you so much about your body and how to train effectively and efficiently.

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT

HIIT workouts tend to have the best and quickest effects on your body. If done properly, they force you body to push your limits physically.  In this program, we use HIIT to get your heart rate up as frequently throughout the workout as possible. This is how you burnnn :)

Dynamic Programming

This isn't your average program with 3 sets of 10.. Instead, I use a more structured combination of different reps/sets and timed exercises that is well thought out and meant to strategically work your body.  The exercises I use are dynamic and include a variety of exercises like free weights, bodyweight, and cables. 

All the Tools you need

I didn't want this program to be just a workout plan. I wanted to provide you with everything you need to be successful.

From the workouts to the diet, the education you'll gain, the motivation and accountability, this program has it all.

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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


Dumbbell only. Glutes and legs

Shoulders, triceps, chest and abs

Sweaty HIIT.
Back and rear delts

Rest day.
Relax and recover!

Leg day & compounds

Rest day.
Relax and recover!

Full upper body

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Image of Sarah's program on the Fit! mobile app



Programs comes with my easy-to-use mobile app. Swipe through full screen videos, track your progress and watch tutorial videos with detailed instructions.

The app also lets you calculate your macros for your body composition goals and comes with over 100 recipes to choose from to pair nutrition with your exercise program.

As I mentioned, this program with educate you so you can learn how to best get results.

Along with the program, you get access to a ton of amazing bonus content that will teach you everything you need to know about building core strength, cardio training, dieting and more.


Included in the app is a macro calculator that will personalize your macros (proteins, fats, and carbs) to your goals. By following your macros, you can achieve incredible results while enjoying a flexible diet. Just make sure to hit the suggested numbers for each category.

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Calculate your macros easily

Select between 4 diet profiles

Recommended recipes available

Upgrade options for custom meal plans

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It doesn't matter if you're new to the gym or an expert. This program was built so that it works for all body types. It's not going to be easy but it IS going to challenge you.

Remember, you're not competing against anyone except the person you were yesterday.



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Dumbbell Reverse Fly Image

Wide Stance Squat

(Smith Machine)


Reverse Fly


Goblet Squats


Toe Touches

Cable Glute

Pull Throughs

Laying Bicep

Cable Curls


Sarah Strauss working out, background image

Growing up as an active kid, I did a lot of dancing and played a lot of sports.  I always knew I wanted to inspire people to move so I went to school for health sciences. I picked up personal training in college because I loved helping people feel proud and confident in their bodies.

Fitness should be something that enhances your life and who you are. Activity, movement, fueling your body for energy and wellness are the core values of what I show people through my coaching and social media.

To be successful with anything in life, you can't just go through the motions. You need to take an active approach. The same goes for training. Through my style of coaching, I make sure to educate my users so they are training hard and also learning WHAT works and HOW it works.

-Sarah Strauss


I've never followed an online program before but I decided to give it a shot because my trainer is so expensive and I'm not seeing any results.  I just finished week 4 and I'm so happy with my decision. Sarah's program is really well thought out. I love her unique approach to exercising and how it mixes up workouts each day. I can't wait to see where I'm at in another couple of week. Thank you so much Sarah!!!

-Daisy R.     

When Sarah released this program, I think I may have been the first one to buy it. I've been following her for a longtime because she's literally the most positive and inspiring person I've ever come across. She also has the ideal body! Anyway, I just completed the 6 weeks and I feel incredible. I have more energy throughout the day and I can clearly see my body transforming. AHH I'm so excited! I think I'll do it a second time through :)

Kaylan M.     

I didn't expect to see results so quickly. I just finished week 2 and I'm really impressed with how far I've come. This style of training really works! I'm about to start my 3rd week now.

Sarah L.     

I've trained with Sarah in the past and she is the most knowledgeable trainer I've ever worked with. If she's putting together a program, you know it's going to be super legit. I can't wait to start! My goal is to lose 5-10 lbs of fat and start toning my abs and arms. Summer is around the corner!

Camila C.     


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6 weeks of training

Macro Calculator

100+ exercise tutorial videos

24/7 customer support

New mobile app

Private Facebook Community

+5 bonus guides


by: Sarah Strauss

one click away


Before and After pic from Sarah Strauss Body Transformation program

Alexis V.

"Handles are gone and your girl has a booty!

I'm so happy with the way that I look but even more with the way that I feel! Sticking to any diet/exercise plan is tough but each day it get's easier and easier to stay motivated because you can actually feel the results.Sarah's program makes it easy to stay on track and I loveee the app.. I also learned a lot about training, diet, and using macros to get specific with how I eat. This is results after 6 weeks but I'm still going! Stay tuned!!!

"I feel like I've finally started taking my body in a positive direction. I've been on the program for 5 weeks and my body is already transforming. I'm replacing fat with muscle and developing real upper body strength for the first time in my life. I think my new goal may be a pullup! haha

I'm sticking to the program as close as possible but sometimes I miss a day or have a bad meal. I love how conveniently organized everything is and the app makes accessing it all a breeze. Thanks Sarah!"

Stephanie K.

Before and After pic from Sarah Strauss Body Transformation program #2


Is this a subscription?

This is NOT a subscription. It's a one time fee.

Do I have to start the program when I buy it?

There is no start date. You can buy the program now and start it whenever you want.

Can I repeat the program once I'm done?

Sure! You can repeat it as many times as you'd like however you should also consider my other programs

How is the program delivered?

Once you purchase the program you will be sent information on how to access the mobile app. This is where you will login to view all program material.

Sarah Strauss working out, background pic

Let's do this!

• You want an athletic physique?  Train for it.


one time payment

 • You want to gain strength?  Push for it.

• You want to impress yourself?  Show up.



6 week training program

Nutrition Guide


Ab Circuit Bonus

Cardio Guide

Macro Friendly Recipes

Intermittent Fasting Guide

Private Facebook Community

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We value RESULTS and happy customers above all else. Therefore, you have 10 days from the point of purchase to try the program for yourself. Once you try it out, you'll understand why it's worked for so many other women!


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