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How long until I see results?
This program was designed to be completed over 30 days however a lot of users start seeing progress within the first week.
Is the payment recurring or one time?
This is a ONE TIME PAYMENT, not a subscription where you get charged every month.
How do I access the program?
This program can be accessed via our mobile app. Once you purchase you will be sent information on how to properly download and access the course materials.
Are there any prerequisites?
No. Anyone of any skill level can do this. Start at your own pace with your own range and trust that you will gradually improve as you train.

WEEK 1: Find JOY through movement

It’s a philosophy course in discipline where you’ll learn to overcome obstacles both mental & physical in nature-- that will provide you with the mental fortitude, creativity, speed, and endurance to tackle anything you set your mind to…

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Ronnie Shalvis

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Where dance meets yoga and strength training.

Power Means Nothing Without Control

Push Your Limits & Become A Real-Life Superhero.

No Gym or Fancy Obstacle Course Needed.

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"As a kid, I always aspired to be a superhero.  And the one thing all superheroes had in common was their ability to perform maneuvers to pursue villains and rescue people from falling buildings.  Being able to excel at parkour led to my interest in improving my fitness."
How long do I have access to the program?
Once you buy the program, there is no time limit for you to complete it. You have lifetime access.

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Days of workout
Parkour Techniques and Drills
Exercise breakdowns
Mobile app
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30 day program

Parkour Fit

Normal Price $80

"Early Bird" Launch Special:  $40

That’s less than $10 per week to develop the skills to move like a superhero!

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(one-time payment)

What life experiences led to your interest in Parkour fitness?

The Exciting Full Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

“I started doing Parkour 4 months ago. When I decided to start, there were no Parkour/gymnastics gyms nearby.  I didn’t know what to do-- how was I supposed to learn?  That’s when I found Ronnie’s PARKOUR FIT.  I sucked sooo bad at first, lol, I couldn't even do a Kong vault and my speed vaults weren't clean at all.  Tried to climb a wall just about 6 feet tall and hit my leg haha.  After the program, I now can do a front-flip AND land in the squatting position 70% of the time & still getting better every day. So never lose hope, anyone can do it. You just have to be very consistent and have the will to succeed :)”
You won’t just get fit. You’ll get the confidence & mental fortitude to tackle any goal-- no matter the size.
@Gwent, Video-Gamer

“This program delivered very valuable information to me. While it is largely focused on strength & endurance, it does go into technique to the degree that is needed to avoid injury training certain aspects of parkour as well as to perform the conditioning exercises properly. If you're a newbie looking to get into parkour this program is a great addition.”

Jane Vicenda, 27, Former collegiate athlete

"The perfect program for ANYONE that's ever wanted to learn parkour"

Ronnie Shalvis presents...

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Has your workout routine become more like being stuck in traffic?  Dull. Predictable. Frustrating. Have you always wanted to learn Parkour, but didn’t know where to start?

No need to look any further because pro-parkour athlete & Hollywood stuntman, Ronnie Shalvis, has the plateau busting program just for you.

In this 30-day program, you will learn how to:

WEEK 2: Get from point A to B as efficiently as possible

WEEK 3: Defy both your body & mind’s capabilities

WEEK 4:  Maximize efficiency over obstacles with the intention of being useful to others

  • Create a profile to track your progress & climb the leaderboard

  • Get to know your community & see where you rank by logging your scores after each workout
When did you discover Parkour?
"At age 15, I realized parkour was the ultimate tool for overcoming obstacles to effectively move like a superhero and be prepared for real-life situations where I might need to help someone or escape."
What life experiences motivated you to want to train others?
"As a teenager, I had low self-esteem and a lot of social anxiety.  As I learned parkour it improved my confidence and gave me a passion to pursue in life. It changed who I was in a very positive way, and I want to make sure that anyone who wants to learn parkour can have that same opportunity to help improve themselves and to learn it in a safe and effective way so that they gain the same benefits that I did."
How many years have you been professionally coaching others?
"I’ve been training parkour for 15 years.

Through the skills I’ve developed from my own practice, I have been able to travel around the world performing and teaching parkour.  I am a stunt man for commercials, TV shows, and films."
What specific results or gains should one expect from your program?
My program takes an approach to functional fitness. You aren’t just learning moves for exercise. You’re learning movements that will increase your overall body coordination, recovery skills, and body’s capability:
  • -- Improvement in mobility, coordination, balance, parkour movements, jumping ability, endurance.  

    -- The ability to create a gym out of any object you can find outside.

    -- Mastering the art of habitual practice & discipline that you can implement in your daily life to achieve any & all goals

    -- The strength, adroitness, and confidence to escape dangerous situations and environments

Todd Tobin, 32, Recreational Athlete

“Hands down the best choice I’ve made to spice up my workout routine.  Ronnie is awesome. Every day I look forward to completing the day’s challenge, and I always feel amazing when I’m done.”

Become part of a global community that unites the feat of athleticism facilitated through the art of self-expression.
You don’t need another self-help podcast or a gym membership to overcome obstacles both mental & physical in nature.  All you need is Ronnie Shalvis’ 30-day Parkour Fit program to get back to the most authentic & athletic version of YOU.

"Never in a million years did I EVER think I would try a Parkour program. But I saw Ronnie’s program, and decided to give it a shot— get in shape while learning how to defend myself in dangerous situations?  Why not!  And I’m SO glad I gave it a whirl.  Every day I get a BIG confidence boost nailing a new move.  I have a long way to go (on day 3 of 30, haha), but I am totally on my way thanks to Ronnie! I’m losing weight & building muscle— getting stronger every week.  Thank you Ronnie!"

Lucy Dalton, 22, Full-Time Student


Learn the principles of parkour and practice performing basic movements safely

Work on Next Level Rolls, Ground Movement & speed/efficiency technique

Up your parkour game with Wall to Wall combos & Vault Flow Training

Push Your Limits & Become A Real-Life Superhero.

No Gym or Fancy Obstacle Course Needed.

Power Means Nothing Without Control