Transform your body with boxing workouts and learn to throw combinations like a badass.


Boxing is one of the biggest growing fitness trends. Prior to Covid, you could find studios in mostly every city in America.

But why is boxing so popular?

The answer is simple. It's fun as hell and rewarding mentally. Who doesn't want to smash their stress out on a heavy bag?  Of course boxing also is a great cardio workout and teaches you self defense.

If you want to improve your boxing technique with fun fast-paced circuit training that will get you shredded, improve hand-eye coordination, and help you master the skills of an elite boxing champion, you're in the right place!

Watch the video below and let Tony tell you what makes this program so special.

The boxer's body

This program was built to challenge you. We're going to get your heart rate up, you're going to sweat, it's going to burn, and we promise it will be a blast the whole time!

Here's some sample conditioning exercises you can expect.

It's fun as hell and rewarding mentally


This program was built to teach someone who's new to boxing






by Olympic medalist and champion 

boxer/trainer, Tony Jeffries


The workouts are structured into 9 individual rounds.
Each round is 3 minutes in length and will focus on something different.

Below is a sample day to show the structure.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9





Heavy bag (or shadow)


Heavy bag (or shadow)



Train at your own pace

Access the program via our mobile app, available on iOS, Android and now Apple TV!

Train at your own pace, on your own time with easy to follow tutorial videos with detailed instructions. Track your progress as well.


1-2-1-2 Sprawl


Lunges: Fwd, Side, Back

Core: Knees-to-chest


- 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist
- Undefeated Professional Boxer
- 7 Times National Champion
- BBC Sports Personality of the Year
- The City of Sunderland Ambassador
- British Young Boxer of the Year
- Level 3 Personal Trainer
- Co-Owner & Founder of Box 'N Burn
- UFC Striking Coach
Tony Jeffries is an undefeated professional boxer and olympic medalist from England. After retiring from his illustrious career, Tony became one of the most well-known faces for boxing trainers. He leads his own certification course while also managing his two popular studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Since Covid made it difficult for people to find places to train, Tony decided the world needed a fun, yet challenging online boxing program. That's why he created BoxerFit. To bring his career of training knowledge directly to you.
Join the long list of world-class athletes and celebrities that train with Tony
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Brendan Schaub
Ronda Rousey
Liam Smith
Sugar Ray Leonard
Chris Hemsworth
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Get started
- Basics: Jab/cross/hook combo
- Basics: Add on rolls with counter
Week 1
- Add on slips with counter
- Slips and rolls
Week 2
- Uppercuts
- Body shots
Week 3
- Advanced phase footwoork drill
- 11 punch combos
Week 4

Each week will increase in difficulty, offering you new skills to learn and increased intensity in the conditioning training.


What people are saying

“My uppercut is feeling like I can get a lot more power learning how to engage my legs/core better!”

“This high energy follow along workout is freaking awesome!!!”
-Brian Kim

“These 3 min circuits are the perfect workload to push myself to my limits without being destroyed the next day!”

-Anne Elise

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to box but too embarrassing to hop into those intimidating group classes with the regulars, this is an awesome way to get up to speed!”
-Katie Stacy

“Boxing is a fun workout to relieve stress from work!”
-Akash Peng


Do I Need Access To Any Special Equipment?
Access to a heavy bag is ideal but not required. All heavy bag workouts can be modified.
Will this program really help me become a better boxer in 30 days?
Yes. When it comes to practice, repetition is key. However, you need to practice effective techniques. The methods used in this program have been proven to produce noticeable results in 30 days, however you can always keep training longer!
How do I access the program?
This program can be accessed via our mobile app and our app on Apple TV. Once you purchase you will be sent information on how to properly download and access the course materials.
Are there any prerequisites?
No. Anyone can benefit from this program regardless of age, size, or skill level.
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Is this a subscription?
No. Purchasing this program is a one-time fee.
Do I have to start the program when I buy it?
No, there is no start date. You can buy the program now and start it whenever you want. However, the refund full grace period is 7 days from the date of purchase.
What if I find out the program isn't for me?
We value RESULTS and happy customers above all else. Therefore, you have 7 days from the point of purchase to test-drive the program. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you may contact us for a full refund. Customer support contact details are provided in the email upon purchase.

Here’s what you get when you join today!


Days of boxing  training


Unique drills and exercises
Specific skill breakdowns
Mobile app
24/7 email Support

30 day program


Normal Price $80

Launch Discount:  $40

That’s only $10 per week to improve your boxing and overall fitness.

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