At-home yoga  by Megan Sherer

Become more flexible and reduce anxiety, improve mental health and strengthen your core with yoga.

First things first: yoga is for everyone.

You do not have to be flexible to do yoga - in fact, that is one of the many reasons to start your practice! Yoga can help with everything from flexibility and mobility, to reducing anxiety and improving mental health, to lowering your blood pressure and so much more.

Each level of this program starts with

a series of foundational poses, flows, or conditioning drills. I recommend that you go through these videos first, and then revisit them anytime you need a refresher or tune up. They are even a great way to break up your day with a mini-stretch break or strengthening exercise! After you’ve mastered the basics, you are ready to start your program.



I really wanted to make sure I got a coach who would really be able to get me to where I wanted to be, who would be able to push me to my limits while still being supportive, and Megan is all of the above. If you're looking for someone you can depend on, who will keep you accountable, and also knows what she's talking about when training, Megan is your girl.

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In just a few sessions, my life began to change for the positive and I can truly say that I got everything I wanted and more after she helped me address and release what was holding me back. My life has never been more full and I have never been happier. I am eternally grateful to her for helping me identify and overcome my challenges. I will have no hesitation in working with Megan again in the future if needed.


Megan is the best person you will ever meet. She is so supportive, extremely knowledgeable. She breaks down nutrition into simple easy steps, she even went to the grocery store with me! After I had a good handle on my nutrition, she worked with me on changing how I view my body and how to love all parts of myself. I can’t say enough amazing things about Megan! I love her.

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Become more flexible and reduce anxiety, improve mental health and lower you blood pressure with yoga

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Welcome to the at-home yoga program!

The yoga style

Each program has 3 different classes that you will repeat weekly. It is important to be consistent with your yoga practice in order to see progress.

Every week there will also be a “challenge pose” video tutorial that you can work on mastering and even share with your friends.

Level 1

Level 2

If you want to up the intensity of your program, you can double up on your classes and repeat each one twice throughout the 6 weeks.

At-home bands program

Building strength simply requires resistance. That can come in the form of free weights, machines, barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, of even your own bodyweight. The program focuses on using resistance bands to improve muscular engagement and isolation, so that you can build strength from anywhere. 

Resistance bands are easy to travel with so you can do these workouts at home, at a park, while traveling, or at the gym. Band workouts are also a great way to focus on your “time under tension” technique as you work on contraction throughout your exercises. 

6-week program

This 6-week program is split up into 3 days per week: lower body, upper body, and full body. The workouts change every two weeks to continue to challenge your muscles as you get stronger. When it comes to band workouts, you can increase the difficulty by using “heavier” bands (tighter bands with more resistance versus lighter bands with less resistance). You can also increase the difficulty by intensely focusing on your muscular engagement, and squeezing at the top of every movement.

For this program you will need closed loop resistance bands as well as open-ended resistance bands. I recommend getting a variety of levels for your bands so that you have options when it comes to resistance and difficulty levels, and you can increase the challenge as you progress.

What you will need

My name is Megan and I’ll be your instructor. I have over 15 years of experience studying and teaching yoga, and I am so excited to bring you on this journey with me. Here is what you can expect.

The style of yoga we will be practicing is called “vinyasa” yoga, which basically means linking your breath to movement. Sometimes we will hold poses for longer durations, and sometimes we will move through a sequence with one breath per movement. You will get your heart rate up, while you warm up your body, and feel open and relaxed by the end of class. 

Level 1 is for people who are brand new to yoga, people who have done a little bit of yoga before and want to focus on building their foundation, or anyone who just wants to follow a more moderate practice. We will work on mastering vinyasas and opening our bodies to improve flexibility, strength and mobility.

Level 2 is for anyone with a base knowledge of foundational yoga poses and sequences, has been to in-person yoga classes before, and is ready to begin to take their practice to the next level at home. We will work on backbends, arm balances, inversions, and deepening all aspects of our practice.

Or, I recommend pairing the yoga program with my at-home resistance band workout program. This is a great way to simultaneously work on your strength and resistance training while also improving your flexibility. Pairing these programs will help you improve range of motion and muscular engagement, while helping you reach your fitness goals even faster.

Program modifications