This program combines backflip inspired workouts with unique methods for you to practice safely at home.

How does it work?

You don't need gymnastics lessons to learn to flip...
You don't need a foam pit or a trampoline either...
You don't even need a spotter...

This program will show you a method of learning to backflip that doesn't require these things and isn't dangerous. 
The methodology in this program is meant to slowly break your fear of flipping by practicing alternative movements that progress as you gain confidence.

Over 30 days you will work your way up to the backflip. Your training will consist of specific skill based movements as well as workouts to build leg and core strength, body control and stability. 

You should at no time feel like you need to "send it".  The efforts you put into this program will result in your first flip being smooth and organic.

How can someone learn to flip by themselves?

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Basic Backflip Fitness
Day 1: Basic Full Body Strength
Day 2: Basic Stretching And Conditioning Yoga Routine
Day 3: Adding more mobility and speed (squat + core)
Day 4: Advancing Stretching and Conditioning
Day 5: Adding explosive movements (jumps are key)

Week 2: Backflip Mobility and Injury Prevention
Day 1: Advancing Mobility and Flexibility
Day 2 Stretching and Conditioning
Day 3: Learning Bridge with one arm out
Day 4: Intro to Inversion (adding rolls)
Day 5: Learning to catch a fall ("burpee catch")

Trust the process and you'll be flipping in one month.


The backflip requires power, coordination, and a bit of overall athleticism. The program consists of workouts to add explosive jumping power, core strength, and more.


We break the fear of backflipping by training alternative skills and movements. These skills slowly progress in their resemblance to the actual backflip. The goal is to make you as comfortable as possible


The next most important part of the backflip is understanding the mechanics. This program will break down the skills in details and allow you to practice pieces of a whole until you progress.



This is accomplished through repetition. The app will guide you through daily and weekly training sessions meant to help you build body awareness and overall confidence.





Week 3: Progression to a Backflip
Day 1: Into to Backflip techniques and reducing fear
Day 2 Using deep yoga stretches for insurance
Day 3: Intro to Macaco (basic technique)
Day 4: Improving the Macaco
Day 5: Mastering the Macaco (starting without hand)

Week 4: Learning and Mastering your Backflip
Day 1: Solidifying backflip techniques (set, jump, tuck, land)
Day 2: Sitting Macaco to standing Macaco
Day 3: Your first Backflip
Day 4: Building Backflip Confidence
Day 5: Mastering your backflip technique

Meet your Backflip Instructor

Lucas Ball

AKA Pigmie

Lucas is a professional fitness coach and YouTuber. His online tutorials have gained him 2 million subscribers and notoriety as one of the best skill-based content creators.

However, Lucas is not a gymnast.  All of his skills were self taught.  His goal with this 30 day program is to use his 10 year experience and progressive methods to help others learn quickly and safely on their own.

"There's many things I wish I knew when I first started flipping.  I put all my experience, secret tips and tricks, and tons of knowledge into this program so we can reduce your learning curve and get you backflipping on command!"

Train at your own pace

Access this program on our free mobile app for both iOS and Android.  Track your progress, view detailed tutorials on every movement, and learn at your own pace.


Ryan S.
I have always had the biggest fear of flipping. I couldn't even bring myself to flipping into a pool. After only 3 weeks on this program, I landed my first back flip.  I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it felt! 

Garret W.
Once it clicks, it clicks!! I landed my first backflip last Saturday and in only a week, I've probably done 100 flips haha.  I love the progressions from this program. It helped me slowly break the fear in a manageable way. 

Alyssa L.
This program is perfect! It's so well thought out. From the stretches and exercises to the whole system.  Now that I can backflip, be prepared for tons of pics!

Brandon A.
I didn't know what to think when I saw an online program for backflipping. I live in the middle of nowhere and I don't have access to a gym to learn.  The price was fair so I gave it a shot. SO GLAD I DID!  This program is so much more indepth than I originally thought.

Rodrigo G.
Why buy a program when you can just youtube how to backflip!?
Boy was I wrong. Nothing on youtube is anywhere near as much detail and proper programming as this. Thanks for such an amazing program!

Mohammed M.
Mission accomplished. I started flipping in week 3. I couldn't wait any longer and I felt so comfortable after practicing the macaco. I'm so excited! Thanks man!!

Progression is Key

Back Roll

Single Arm Bridge

Cartwheel Hack

The program utilizes the following movements along with many more to help you slowly progress into the skill of a backflip.

Half-standing Macaco

Pop 360

Macaco (vertical)


Here's what you get when you join the program.



30 days of backflip programming

Mobility and stretching exercises

Mobile app access

Backflip skill breakdowns

24/7 email support




That's only $1 per day to learn a skill for life!